At Home Startup

Using Your Story to Help Others with Julie Thomason

October 25, 2022 Brooke Raybould X Julie Thomason Season 1 Episode 5
At Home Startup
Using Your Story to Help Others with Julie Thomason
Show Notes

Join us with Julie Thomason on this intimate episode where we discuss the moment that changed her life only weeks after her son was born. Learn how Julie has taken tragedy and turned it into a way to connect with other women who share the same pain, which turned into the therapy she didn’t know she needed. 

  •  We discuss the painful moment she heard the news about her husband, and how she turned to social media to write therapeutically about the events that had transpired. 
  • As she began sharing her story, thousands of women started paying attention. Julie now encourages hundreds of thousands of women on her social media platform where she is unapologetically herself and talks about what hits her in the moment. 
  • Whether it is raw feelings from that tragic day, happy memories, or mom humor, get to know this mama and love her even more. Topics discussed: how to be vulnerable on social media.
  • How to connect with others though tragedy. How to find healing in connection. 
  • How writing is therapeutic. 
  • How to create content that is YOU. 
  • How to hire help as a content creator when you need. When to hire a talent manager as a social media influencer or content creator. What hiring a talent manager looks like.
  • Keep an eye out for Julie's Podcast Coming Soon  "Spilling the Wine"

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