At Home Startup

Building a Morning Routine Using Control Variables

November 15, 2022 Brooke Raybould Season 1 Episode 8
At Home Startup
Building a Morning Routine Using Control Variables
Show Notes

At one point in my motherhood journey, I felt like I was drowning. How was I supposed to do all the things and be all the things, while still maintaining a sense of calm and control? For me, the answer was control variables. 

In short, control variables is the morning routine I practice that enables me to live an amazing life on purpose. As parents, we know there’s a lot in this world we can’t control. But we CAN control ourselves. And while this routine might not be for everyone, it will certainly help you high-achieving mamas get back that sense of control and take care of the things that are important to you. 


In this episode, I talk about…..

  • Control and why it’s so important to us.
  • Five categories of control variables.
  • Identifying tasks for each category.
  • The benefits of being an early riser.
  • My morning routine and tips to make it your own.


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