At Home Startup

Former CEO of Rodan + Fields, Lori Bush, Explains the Key to Her Success

January 24, 2023 Brooke Raybould Season 1 Episode 18
At Home Startup
Former CEO of Rodan + Fields, Lori Bush, Explains the Key to Her Success
Show Notes

Lori Bush is a beauty industry expert and former CEO of Rodan + Fields where she took the company from its founding stages to becoming a billionaire dollar business. Throughout her career, Lori has always had the entrepreneurial mindset of finding a problem and working to create a solution. So when breast cancer led her to Dr. Ritu Chopra, and they discovered a gap in the skincare industry, the answer was to develop Solvasa Integrative Beauty

In our discussion, Lori shares more about her career, the creation of Solvasa, and the many pieces of advice she’s picked up along her journey. You’ll love hearing how she’s moved through her career to finding success, but in a way that’s naturally evolved with the rest of her life. Our conversation is jampacked with encouragement for entrepreneurs at any stage, so I hope you find wisdom in her story!

In this episode, we talk about…..

  • Lori’s breast cancer journey and creating Solvasa Integrative Beauty.
  • Holistic habits that have impacted her healing journey.
  • Meditation and habit stacking.
  • Mindfulness tips for the mom who is low on time.
  • How she’s found entrepreneurial success.
  • Her thoughts on network marketing.


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